Me And My Anxiety

Me And My Anxiety

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  1. Bless your heart. Recovery is such an individual journey isn’t it, people can tell you loads of things that helped them but ultimately it’s up to us to trial everything to find what works for us.

    I’m sorry you’re going through this, have you heard of pocket hugs? My friend makes them and honestly just rubbing this in my pocket calms me, I also have an anxiety bracelet which is great for keeping me focussed. It’s Jitterbug Jumbles who sell them xx

  2. Dear John

    Here is an article that might help:

    You come over very well, I think podcasting you have conquered to a degree.

    Forward progress and growing does come at cost. Whilst we want to have an anxiety free life, sometimes we need a bit just to know you are growing. In experience and knowledge of passing your message and defining yourself in the world.

    Obviously, we do not want to do too much.

    I have done several things at certain times of my life. Buy a welcome mat and turn it round so it says welcome as you are leaving the house.

    A lot of the mechanisms one uses to cope are personal and only work for the person concerned.

    However, sharing your knowledge allows others to share theirs.

    Tapping I have heard of, it is an activity that is harmless and affects you only.

    For somethings you have a good memory, when I work with you on the site you remember things really well.

    All for now, and one for all.



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